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Trend Alert: Terrazzo

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Hands down one of the hottest trends on the market right now is terrazzo. It is quite literally everywhere, and from simple decor tchotchkes to furniture and countertops, you could almost exclusively do a top-to-bottom home decked out in this style. Of course, we don’t recommend that exactly. Like anything else, a pop of whimsy and color like this is best done sparingly so it can shine within a space.

Drawn to this trend, but not quite sure how to incorporate it without going overboard? Scroll on down - we’ve scoured the internet for a few of our favorites, and with a piece or two added to your collection, you’re sure to make the perfect balanced statement.



In general, furniture is one of the most amazing ways to make an impact within a space without fully committing to, say, a wall. Unless you’re talking about a fairly small plant stand, a piece of furniture takes up enough real estate to really announce its presence. Plus, mixed with more pared down, but complementary, pieces throughout the room, it’s bound to stand out. In the case of terrazzo, adding a coffee table, credenza, or even an updated bistro table in your kitchen banquette can be a simple, yet oh-so-stylish way to hop on board this trend wagon.


Walls & Countertops

If you’re really really loving the look of terrazzo and are dreaming of completely transforming your home to make way for its unique textured aesthetic, then we say go big. Adding it to a wall (think wallpaper or backsplash) or upgrading your countertops with it is without a doubt a game changer and will instantly change the look of your space. Just remember that terrazzo does come in a variety of colors and styles, so while you can go bright and bold with saturated pinks, blues, and oranges, you can also opt for a more subtle pattern with neutral colors or a simple and muted color palette. And while we love any terrazzo on the market right now, our current fave is the new Vail Village pattern from Cambria - the simple black and white texture is absolutely on trend, but classic to its core.



When we say there’s no limit to the terrazzo decor you can get, we mean it. Clocks, lamps, chandeliers, planters, candles, pencil cups, and more can be found everywhere, so there’s definitely a fit out there for you and your home’s style. For an eclectic look, try mixing and matching a few different terrazzo color and texture schemes. Or, go for a more streamlined vibe overall with a few key pieces in identical terrazzo patterns sprinkled around your space. Whatever route you choose, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match.


Everyday Essentials

Of course, terrazzo wouldn’t be a major trendsetter without straying into those everyday essentials. Get your hands on this trend via everything from kitchen canisters to coasters, soap dishes, and dog bowls - if you’re head over heels for this style, the fresh and colorful patterns will make your day every time you feed the pup or wash your hands (and there’s nothing like a day maker to lift your mood)!


Tiled Surfaces

Tired of the same old same old look in bathrooms everywhere? Ready for a splash of color but want something a little less bold than a graphic tile? Try terrazzo tiles! They especially look great on larger surfaces where the pattern can truly come to life (think shower walls and bathroom floors), but even if you’re decking out a smaller space like a powder room or entryway, it is sure to be show-stopping.


So, what’s your verdict? Are you on team terrazzo and on the hunt for all the design elements to complete your space? Or would you rather sit this trend out and stick to your go-to style? No matter where you stand, one thing’s for sure - this trend is here and it’s certain to keep popping up everywhere you look.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Designs by D

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