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The Case for Going Minimalist

If the last year spending endless time at home has had you on a non-stop itch to purge, we completely feel your pain. But embracing a “minimalist” lifestyle isn’t just about paring down your belongings and living simply. Minimalism is actually a design solution that can have a significant impact on the way you feel in your home each day. Aesthetic-wise, it’s often depicted as more contemporary overall, but the exact style isn’t really the focus. Instead, the heart of a minimalist interior is about living in a way that benefits your lifestyle. By going minimalist, you’re essentially clearing away distractions and creating space that is true to you, no matter what trends are in vogue. It’s design customization at its best.

Curious what a minimalist interior could mean for you? Read on for our breakdown of the biggest benefits to a minimalist lifestyle. We think you’ll find that this type of design may be just the thing you’ve always needed.

Living with What You REALLY Love

Like Marie Kondo says, part of purging is assessing whether or not something brings you joy. And while holding an article of clothing or a vase to your chest, thanking it, and setting it aside may not be for everyone, the concept is definitely spot on. When it comes to living within a minimalist design, the first step, hands down, is to take stock of what you have. Go through each space - down to the details like bedding, throw pillows, tchotchkes, and lamps - and think about which items make you feel right at home, and which items you aren’t exactly attached to.

Maybe that area rug was an impulse buy because you saw it in a design on Instagram (but once you got it into your space, it just wasn’t a good fit for your style). Or, perhaps that wild and retro macrame piece gives you all the throwback vibes you could ever want, so you absolutely must hang onto (even if macrame feels a little overused or outdated). The key here is to stick with the things you absolutely love rather than simply opting for what’s on trend at the moment. Your space should be a place where you feel comfortable and happy to your core.

Narrowing Down Your Personal Style

Narrowing down your material possessions to only decor that brings you to that happy place also has the dual effect of defining your personal style. Once you take away the elements that you may have haphazardly added on a whim or to mimic a designer’s style, the true beauty of your home’s personality can shine. Because while we can all appreciate a modern, traditional, farmhouse, or Tuscan-inspired interior, each style is distinctly different and something that looks great in theory may not translate to a feeling of comfort in reality for you personally. Some people thrive off of bold and bright colors. Others prefer a more neutral approach that keeps them grounded in the present. Knowing deep down what makes you feel at ease in your day-to-day life is a must, and getting your belongings down to an approachable level of minimalism can help you cement that aesthetic.

Making Room for Life (vs. Stuff)

Another argument for going minimalist? The less clutter and “stuff” you have taking up space, the more room you have to actually live your life. We’re talking about hobbies, interests, activities, experiences, and more - rather than spending endless amounts of money on keeping up with popular design trends, or filling every nook and cranny with the latest styles, sticking to a design approach you love means you have less physically in your life to take up space (both physically and mentally). Trust us when we say that when you feel completely comfortable in your home, and your decor has been pared down to things you adore, there’s a sense of restfulness that takes hold and allows you to pursue things creatively that you may not have otherwise felt at ease enough to tackle. Have you always wanted to try something new like watercolor painting, knitting, or woodworking? Does the idea of cultivating a green thumb or sitting down with a jigsaw puzzle fill you with excitement? Taking the time to work on those creative outlets in our lives is just as important as any work or job responsibilities we take on each day. And creating a minimalist space that fuels that innovation is a must.


A minimalist design is about more than clean lines and seamless silhouettes. It’s about quality over quantity. Spaces with minimalism at their cores can absolutely take on a multitude of different design styles. But the one common thread throughout each distinct space is the adherence to a pared-down aesthetic that fits the inhabitants’ lifestyles to perfection. So, we say go ahead and embrace minimalism. Quarantine or not, you just may find yourself getting wonderfully addicted to a brand new hobby you’ve always dreamed of crossing off that bucket list.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Designs by D

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