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Foolproof Bathroom Tile

How do you choose bathroom tiles? Given the endless tile options available on the market today, it can seem near impossible to make the right choice. After all, tile is one of those home updates that is extremely difficult and costly to change out down the road. Once it’s installed, you basically need to gut the room again to redo the style. So, how do you ensure the tile you select will last aesthetically for years to come?

Read on, because today, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite bathroom tiles that are virtually foolproof, no matter what your personal preference may be.


Subway Tile Style

While the idea of opting for subway tile might feel overdone or boring, it’s actually an amazing choice, both financially and aesthetically. Not only are subway tiles more inexpensive overall, but they’re also classic through and through. There’s a reason they appear in almost every architectural style over the last century (and more). Choosing a subway tile doesn’t have to mean committing to the usual horizontal placement, though. With these tiles, you can absolutely let your creativity loose. Try arranging them in different ways - like a herringbone, crosshatch, or vertical pattern. And if you’re not sold on the typical white versions? Go for a colorful tile, or a size that’s slightly smaller or larger than average. The result is sure to be stunning.


Patterned Floor Tiles

Some of the best elements of tiled flooring, specifically, are its waterproofing and hardiness factors. But even if your tiled floors are structurally sound, they can still be prone to dirt and mud, causing your bathroom floors to look drab and dirty over time. The solution? Opt for floor tiles that are patterned. Whether you’re drawn to marbled tiles, graphic encaustic tiles, or a unique penny tile arrangement, the more shades and striations in your floor tile, the better, since it will hide everyday spills, messes, or dust much easier on a day-to-day basis.


Black & White

Craving a timeless look, but aren’t interested in the streamlined look of a subway tile pattern? Consider a black and white tile pattern. Black and white, of course, is a classic color combo that goes with anything. So opting for this look in your bathroom is a sure way to make its style last for years to come. With a black and white base, you can easily switch up a bathroom’s paint colors, towels, and finishes, all while keeping the overall vibe crisp and fresh. Plus, you can still get all the personality you want by going for a unique pattern. Everything from hexagon to checkerboard layouts awaits.


Wood Grain

For a warmer look all around, it can be tempting to skip floor tiles altogether and opt for hardwood flooring instead. But while that will undoubtedly look beautiful in photos, it will be prone to extensive water damage, and if you aren’t careful, your floors could begin to warp and require costly repairs down the road. So, how do you achieve the hardwood look, but still keep the functionality of a tiled bathroom? Easy. Choose a wood-grain tile. Available in ceramic or porcelain, these tiles are available in a range of hues, and honestly look like the real deal. You’ll be able to splash about freely without worrying about a thing.


Color Saturation

For those with bold personalities who crave an infusion of whimsy (but don’t necessarily want to have to change their design again and again), a great solution is to choose color-saturated tiles. Because while a graphic tile will certainly turn heads, it is a bold pattern that you may tire of after some time. Color, on the other hand, is a great way to infuse unique style into a bathroom without it feeling overdone. Blues and greens are definitely some of our favorite hues to use, but even a neutral tile like a black or grey can add a monochrome pop that instantly transforms the space.


Large Floor Tiles

Finally, the size of your tiles, and floor tiles in particular, can have an effect on the space overall. Intricate penny tile designs are stunning, but they also add a busier look to the room. If what you desire is a visually open bathroom that feels clean and simple, try to opt for large floor tiles in a streamlined color with few variations. In addition to it appearing much more laid back, it’s also easier to install, meaning your cost will be less for your bathroom remodel.


Ready to tackle the tile selection process with confidence? Then grab a friend or significant other and head to a shop near you. Because now that you’re armed with all the critical information for choosing a foolproof tile, your dream bathroom is just a step away.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Designs by D

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