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The Return of Color: A Resurgence of Bold Earth and Jewel Tones

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

There’s no doubt that neutrals will always have their place in design. They are, after all, essential for anchoring a space or for pairing with bolder color counterparts. But lately, we’ve seen a major shift towards ultra-saturated hues - especially in the earthy and jewel-tone families - and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The return of color has swept the design world this year, and especially with everything going on in the world, it feels perfectly timed. Color has the potential to lift our spirits, to evoke calm, or to encourage a resurgence of creativity. In a time of uncertainty and endless days spent in the confines of our homes, it’s absolutely essential to reminding us that there is still excitement and vibrancy in the world - and holding onto that reminder begins with transforming our homes.

While color can be used in endless ways, there are a few that have caught our attention as of late that we’re certain you’ll adore. So, if you’re dying to embrace this new trend in your own spaces, go ahead and read below - all the inspiration you could imagine awaits.


Saturated Walls

Ditch those grey and white wall-to-wall blank canvases of years past and make a bold statement with a saturated hue. Painting a calmer area like a bedroom or home library? Embrace deep and moody hues of green, blue, or wine. Trying to add color, but still want to evoke a feeling of bright and cheery charm in, say, a kitchen? Terra cotta, yellow, sage green, and deep magentas will do the trick. No matter which color you’re drawn to, an all-over refreshed paint color (or even a layer of colorful tiles) on your walls will work wonders instantly and make you feel ready to tackle each day with confidence.


Whimsical Ceilings

Not ready to give up more neutral-friendly walls, but still craving an infusion of color? Look up! The ceiling is the perfect canvas to explore and push your creative boundaries. Wallpaper, solid color, or even a textured material like shiplap can completely shift the overall vibe of a room and add a dimension that is unexpected and exciting.


Personality-Infused Cabinetry

Why follow the crowd and paint all of your cabinetry a white or grey? Have fun and embrace the power of a good color pop! For a no-holds-barred statement, paint both top and bottom cabinets the same vibrant shade. Or, for a more subtle nudge towards the color realm, try painting only your kitchen island a bold color or try tuxedo cabinets with the uppers a white or grey and the lowers a bright and cheery hue. Of course, cabinets aren’t relegated to only the kitchen - bathroom vanities, built-in hutches, and more are all excellent canvasses for an infusion of color.


Colorful Accents

Smaller accents throughout your home can have just as big of an impact as a wall-to-wall painted space. Front doors, breakfast nooks, area rugs, or even small powder rooms or entryways suddenly come to life with a new layer of personality-filled color, helping your home stand out from the crowd. And the best part? By sticking to smaller areas or decor pieces, it’s easier to change out on a whim down the road.


This time of year, we’re all naturally drawn to earthy and jeweled tones thanks to the ever-changing environment right outside our windows. Yet, it’s also true that right behind the wave of fall leaves is a fairly long stretch of winter brown and white. So now, more than ever, let’s turn to the power of color to give us that extra boost of happiness we all deserve. After all, no matter what is going on in the world around us, if we can create a haven of surprise and excitement within our four walls, well, there’s no stopping the innovation that can take hold as a result.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Designs by D

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