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Spring Prep: Everything You Need to Know About Planter Containers

Is there anything better than spring (when it finally hits here in Minnesota, that is)? After endless months of winter, it’s refreshing, to say the least. But while we can’t quite dive into full gardening just yet thanks to a few unexpected snowy days, we can get everything ready so those blooms can burst out in full swing.

Today’s blog is all about spring prep and planning for your container planting. Because let’s face it - it can be tough to know where to start to get those lush arrangements you crave. Going into planting season with a plan for your arrangements is sure to get you excited for the new season and make you feel ready to tackle your planting project with ease.


Step #1: Plan Your Containers Sizes

Do you have streamlined wood flower boxes built underneath your windows? Or perhaps you have a wide set of front steps you want to decorate with overflowing pots? Whatever your container situation, the first step is to analyze exactly what type of vessel(s) you will need to fill. As obvious as it sounds, different containers will require different amounts of soil, so you want to ensure you have enough on hand without having to take multiple trips to your local garden shop. Also, knowing the size of your container will help you plan for the plant types you choose. A too-tall flower arrangement may actually block your window view in a flower box, while a too-short arrangement can make your oversized pots look stunted. Size and scale is essential to know!


Step #2: Get to Know Plant Hardiness

Listen, summer in Minnesota is about as hot as it gets, so if you’re really only interested in a seasonal splash of color, feel free to go for just about any flower arrangement you like. Hibiscus can even thrive in our summer humidity! But depending on how long you want your plants to last and whether or not you want to keep them growing indoors over the winter, it’s always a good idea to incorporate florals that are native to Minnesota or the Midwest. They will naturally grow in abundance and fit with the aesthetic of our Northern homes and environments.


Step #3: Research Bloom Timing

One of the easiest mistakes to make when planting your spring and summer blooms is to use flowers that bloom in earnest for a few weeks, but lose their color for the rest of the summer. To ensure you have color-infused planters that last the full season, you want to pay attention to bloom timing. A good number of annual blooms will definitely stay vibrant for months on end as long as they’re well-cared for, but some lose their lush appearance more quickly. The simplest solution to this is to check the tags when you purchase your plants - they’ll not only give you watering and light/shade information, but they’ll also let you know the plant’s peak bloom time.


Step #4: Collect Inspiration

Now that you have the details completed and you’re armed with the information you need to select your blooms, the fun begins! Before heading to your garden shop, start collecting inspiration - from Pinterest, magazines, friends, and family. Identify the types of arrangements you’re drawn to and figure out what it is about those arrangements you love. Maybe it’s the color mix. Or it could be the combination of trailing greenery and saturated flowers. Whatever it is that draws your attention, keep that at the forefront when you’re selecting your florals and laying out your arrangement design.


Step #5: Get Planting & Arranging

It might feel overwhelming to get the look you crave in your planting containers, but once you get started, it tends to come together quite easily. Just be sure to keep in mind that you want to arrange your plants by height. Keep the taller blooms either in the center, surrounded by smaller and smaller plants (in the case of a round planter), or keep the taller blooms in the back (in the case of a flower box) so that none of your plants are hidden from view.


Planting season is right around the corner, and with these key steps, you’re sure to have wow-worthy arrangements in no time. Happy planting!

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Designs by D

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