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Infusing Bright Summer Colors Into Your Decor

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Though we’re nearly through July, there is still plenty of time to soak up that summer sun. And what better way to do it than with an infusion of those bright and bold summer hues we all love so much?

Without repainting your entire house top to bottom in a shocking shade of pink or yellow, you can add a few strategic pops of color throughout to give your space an instant upgrade and have you feeling that summer feeling all the way until the leaves fall. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your home’s predictable color scheme, scroll on down - with a few small tweaks, you’ll have a gorgeous in-home getaway in no time.

Furniture Swap

Add an instant dose of color with a quick furniture swap. Now, we’re not necessarily saying to replace your sofa and the major (heavy) pieces in your home. But adding a new side table, bench, armchair, or ottoman can work wonders for your space to give it that summer zest. Got a DIY streak? Pick up a few cans of paint at the store and revamp an old piece that needs new life - not only will it feel brand new, but it’ll also serve double duty as an art focal point in the room. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Pillows, Throws, and Textiles

Tired of staring at your sofa arrangement? Dying for a refresh? Swap out those throw pillows and drape a summery throw across the back. A whimsical infusion of color might be just the antidote you need to get rid of those quarantine blues. Oh, and the best part? You can mix and match to your heart’s content because unlike paint or a totally new sofa, decor pops like throw pillows and throws (or towels in the bathroom) are interchangeable, so come fall, it’s a cinch to swap those pieces out for the upcoming seasonal chill.

Design by Designs by D

Artwork & Shelfie Swap

Changing out your artwork or the pieces on your shelves can make a room feel completely different and it’s 100% worth the effort. If you have a solid gallery wall in place, try changing out the artwork inside a few frames to add a pop of color and pattern here or there. Or, if you’ve got a stand alone print, replace it temporarily with a bold tapestry or canvas piece. You can even forego traditional prints or paintings and create more three-dimensional art with a display of colorful glassware or color-coded books. The end result will be absolutely gorgeous.


You can never go wrong with a fresh-cut bouquet of flowers - especially if you can snip a few blooms right from your own garden. The pop of color from a floral array is unbeatable, and it’s so versatile since you can move it around from room to room until you find the perfect spot. Got a ton of lilies you need to clip before they fall off their stems? Why not put vases all around the house? After all, everyone likes a little bright pick-me-up - especially in the most unexpected spaces (like the powder room or next to the kitchen sink).

Staging by Designs by D


When it comes to upgrading your home for the remainder of summer, don’t forget to give your bedroom some TLC, too. For a fresh look, try picking up an ultra-colorful duvet set, or pop a bright patterned sheet set underneath a more neutral duvet. If you’re feeling particularly color-inspired, go all the way with a totally new color scheme complete with layers of mix & match throw pillows. With a crisp new bedding set in place, you’ll look forward to curling up with a book every single night, no matter how high those temps get.


What’s your favorite summer color? Are you a yellow or orange fan? Prefer a bold red or pink? Or do you like a more subtle color pop - like a cantaloupe or sky blue? No matter your preference, there are endless ways to incorporate these beautiful shades into your home’s summer style, and with the dreamy weather we still have ahead of us, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go all out and enjoy it in every single corner.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Designs by D

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