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Gathering Together

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and regardless of the number of guests around your table table this year, one thing remains the same: it’s still a time for celebrating all we have to be thankful for. And of course, it’s still a time for all that annual entertainment.

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From football games to the Thanksgiving Day parade, creating ultra-comfortable (and stylish) entertainment zones is a must. Because whether you want to work on a puzzle together, have a conversation about your latest book reads, or watch a Santa float go by on your screen, there’s nothing quite like kicking back with the smell of a slowly-roasting turkey wafting from the kitchen. So, if you’re searching for inspiration to make your own space fit for a (safe) family gathering, scroll on down - there’s no limit to the coziness that awaits.

Seating Fit for Conversation

There are only a few days each year that it seems the entire country takes a collective pause and gets to relish some time off. Thanksgiving, of course, is one of them. And often that means an influx of conversation. Relatives who haven’t seen each other reconnect, filling each other in on their recent adventures, and while many of those conversations may happen via Facetime this holiday, having a space to hold a significant conversation is a must. That’s where furniture arrangement comes into play. Creating a “sitting circle” where there are multiple seats facing each other (versus all facing one wall) is critical to fostering an environment that makes for easy conversation. A sofa and two armchairs, two sofas, a mix of eclectic seating solutions - the specifics are up to you, but trust us when we say that as long as you get the arrangement right, the conversation will flow.

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A Space for Coziness

This time of year - at least in the Midwest - it’s downright cold, and nothing warms up a holiday gathering like a roaring fire. Setting up an area where guests and family members can congregate to simply enjoy the cool temperatures with a hot drink in hand (and plenty of appetizers on the coffee table) is nothing short of magic. And whether or not you have a TV on nearby, making the fireplace your centerpiece is sure to please everyone.

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Prime-Time Seating

Then again, if we’re being honest, TV does often take center stage at Thanksgiving (and for good reason)! So, to accommodate the slew of programming sure to capture the whole family, make sure to incorporate your TV so that it’s easy to see from multiple angles, and blends in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. Have a coexisting fireplace in the same spot? Opt to mount your TV either above it or to the side for maximum viewing potential. Working with a smaller space? Keep the furniture simple with a chair or two in the corners to pull forward for extra seating. However you arrange it all, remember that comfort is key - everyone likes to lounge when watching their favorite shows, Thanksgiving or not!

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Board Game Showdown

Is a family gathering ever complete without a round or two of cards or a board game? A little competition always makes for a good time, after all. This year, try to set appetizers elsewhere - think the coffee table, kitchen island, or side tables - so that you can create an area that is ready to go for anyone looking for an extra dose of fun. Then, be sure to clear some space on your dining table (or a table in another room works great, too) so that people can gather together for a spirited game of Risk or a kid-friendly round of Go-Fish.

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No matter what entertainment your family gravitates towards every turkey day, having a few key areas that are both functional and stylish are sure to help set the mood. And with a mix of games, football, the Thanksgiving Day parade, and a comfortable conversation corner, the whole crew is bound to have a good time. So settle in, let that tryptophan take hold, and enjoy.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Designs by D

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