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Fresh Wallpaper Trends

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

2020 Styles That Are Changing the Game

Over the past few years, wallpaper has made a major comeback. Gone are the dated floral patterns of the 1950s, though. In their place has come a wave of bold and bright prints that bring a room to life in wild and wonderful color. Yet, while 2019 seemed to be filled to the brim with structured and classic styles (think stripes, gingham, and symmetrical patterns), in 2020 we’re seeing a much more whimsical approach to wallpaper aesthetics.

Overall, there’s a move towards a motif-based style on our walls, and wallpaper is clearly favoring a natural and flair-filled look. From fruit inspiration to soft and inviting geometric forms, there’s no limit to the creativity that is abounding for 2020 wallpaper styles. Read on to see some of our favorites - they’ll have you in remodel fever like nothing else.


Animal Infusion

Think animals are only for kids’ spaces? Think again. Dogs, birds, rabbits, leopards, and more area dorning walls everywhere, and it’s a trend that ranges dramatically in style. From the quirky and modern to the traditional or artistic, these floor-to-ceiling murals are all about fun.


Tropical Flavor

You may have noticed a trend towards tropical influences in tchotchkes, clothing styles, and paper products. But this year, it’s taking a big step into the realm of wallpaper. Pineapples, lush and leafy greens, and abstract colorful patterns are making a splash and giving us all the vacation vibes we could ever want. All you need to top it off is a freshly-poured pina colada - sign us up!


Botanical Splash

Classic and timeless, floral wallpapers never really go out of style, though their appearance has certainly taken a more contemporary turn as of late. While patterns range from simple and understated (like a stenciled, neutral paper) to extra-saturated and filled with personality (like full-scale murals), there’s no doubt that botanicals are here to stay and we’re likely to see a continued appreciation for these colorful beauties for years to come.

Source - Designs by D / Source - Designs by D / Source


Soft Greenery

Soft greenery is already big in 2020, putting pines, forest motifs, and desert-inspired cactus prints into the spotlight. While green in general is getting a lot of play this year, it’s especially apparent in these simultaneously subtle-yet-eye-popping patterns. The best part about them? They look phenomenal in virtually every room. It’s a win-win situation no matter how you cut it.


Art Deco Whimsy

Finally, though geometric shapes and patterns are slowly taking a backseat to more artistic and flowery forms, there is a resurgence of new geometric styles in the design world. These patterns evoke an art deco-era aesthetic that we absolutely love. Their rounded features instantly soften a room, yet at the same time give a pop of personality that’s hard to beat.


Wallpaper is in, friends, and the best news of all is that there are literally endless patterns for you to choose from. Be it floral, fruit-filled, or jungle-inspired, opting for a 2020 wallpaper trend is guaranteed to make you love your space. A dose of happiness is in order for us all, so go ahead - give your walls the whimsical flair they truly deserve.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor for Designs by D

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